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Press Release India

Press Release have changed a lot over the years, especially now when online marketing has taken its way out but to use it effectively we have defined some proven strategies.


Making sure that your product is announced:

Draft a press release and get your news found on major search engines & social media networks, this further helps you to target thousands of journalists


Enhance your Brand Image:

As it is now easy to publish and distribute a press release, companies can now send any number of press release as they want, publishing multiple press release increases your brand image, now that press release has an option to attach images, videos this helps to convey our messages in a more interesting way than before.


Linking to Websites:

By inserting links of web pages in the press release we can provide more information regarding the product to the audience


Making it viral:

It is highly possible that press release can go viral if audience starts sharing the same on social networks which was not in the case of traditional press release.

Choose the cheapest way to increase your brand image.