Outdoor advertising made easy with Fabulous Media

Outdoor Marketing

Outdoor advertising works extremely well when done at the best geographic location and where the audience comes over almost daily, like a busy office route? Your outdoor ad is actually the first thing a potential lead sees. Your sign should not be garish yet bright and conspicuous to attract attention and make sure that your product information is present in the ad itself. Usually, advertising consists of simple 2 color artwork with your company’s name briefly describing the product/service, contact details, etc.

outdoor marketing

There are 3 types of Outdoor Marketing namely

bill boards


bus benches

Bus Benches

Transit Advertising

We would suggest you to ride around your town and observe which advertisement hoarding amazes you and which one does not, first impression is literally the last impression and that is what we care for, we make sure your brand is heard and seen in every possible way and yes we measure as well!

Plan. Locate. Measure