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What is an
Email Marketing ?

Email Marketing is a platform to better communicate and connect with your existing customer base and reach out to the new market. It is an essential tool of marketing strategy to boost sales for any kind of business. It does not matter if you own a brick and mortar shop or you are selling your product through an e-commerce website, this tool always works.

Spend less & get more leads with targeted email marketing services.

How Email Marketing Helps Your Business

Reignite existing relationships with

Lead Nurturing

Email reaches out to people already interested in your product or service. It keeps you top of mind, allows for customized messaging, and builds trust factor.

Quantify success with

Easily Measurable ROI

Tired of getting a vague view of success for internet marketing? Not even sure what “success” really means? Email gives you the details you want: who got it, who opened it, who clicked it, and who converted

Send campaigns quickly for

Immediate Results

Already have a list? Bam, that’s 90% of your email marketing strategy. Even when building a list from scratch, set-up and send-out are so easy you could start sending out custom emails in hours, even minutes!

  • Real Time Personalization : Real time personalization is a way of product based delivery system which automatically deliver tailor content to number of visitors coming to your website. We set up your website to identify visitors and adjust text , content and images accordingly. According to a report, 70% of buyers consider website a best platform while taking purchase decision while upto 98% of visitors coming to  your website are anonymous , now how you approach to those anonymous visitors ? That’s where real time personalization works. We use this feature to gather information about those anonymous visitors and use that information to categorize business demographics.
  • Multi marketing channel intelligence solution :
    We use multi marketing channel to understand where your customer are, what are their interests and viewpoints. We create and maintain single view point of customers , establish a multichannel marketing platform and create consistent experiences to those customers according to the gathered demographic information.
  • Campaign management :Email campaigns are always useful and result driven when executed on the right time. In fabulous media, we focus on campaign management which includes advanced analytics and real time decision making.
  • Content : We consider content as our prime aspect in managing campaigns because it can directly click on customer’s mind and capture their attention to move further. In our agency, content writer prepare the content as per the customer attention and behaviour and then prepare mails that can convey the message and purpose of your business.
  • Attractive look custom email designs : After working more than 10 years in digital marketing industry, we have acquainted with the art of communication through aesthetically designed emails. We focus on creative email designs having the elements of vibrancy that grabs the attention of viewer.
  • Relevant content : Our content writer develops a strategic communication content , right from the mailer subject to the main body content. At fabulous media, the key of functioning the right strategy is that we know what type of content to be delivered to audience to catch their attention towards the email.
  • Managing your subscriber : Managing mail subscriber can be proven as blunder if not managed with expertize. We view and track information about your subscribers, create segments, manage your list and more.
  • Subscriber Segmenting : We send targeted emails to subscriber based on information like graphical location or actions , preferences.
  • Email  marketing tracking and deliverability rate : We use a holistic approach to view  on email marketing campaign as we see how many user open your emails , clicked on links and land in your website and more. We ensure that the message we delivered via email has gone to the inbox ( and not in the spam folder) with our industry leading deliverability.

Get the most targeted marketing We draw the particular database of customers specifying their needs and interests then subsequently send them business relevant messages in order to provide you their respond and make your prospects through emails.

Get immediate response : With our well executed design campaigns, it becomes easy to get immediate response and action. We see the outcomes of email through real time reports. Our campaigns helps us to schedule email delivery time when they are more likely to engage and they can more likely to read and take quick action on it.

Get more referrals easily : Email newsletter are easy to send or forward to others. Hence your local customer can help you in bringing prospects for your business by referring your service to their friends as we believe word of mouth plays vital role in marketing. Through ‘“join my mailing list” button on website it becomes easy for them to sign up for your mailing list. Through this communication, these audience can be easily converted into loyal customers.

Boost up customer satisfaction : In our agency we use engagement program to fix you on the top of minds of audience who want to hear it from you and helps you in boosting up your customer satisfaction.

Choosing Email Marketing Services.

100% No-Brainer.

Your email list is a gold mine. Will you mine it? Email marketing is cheap, easy, effective. Only thing is, your email lists have a lifespan and they aren’t gettin’ any longer. Let’s get a fresh email marketing campaign moving right now.

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