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Buzzer can help your company increase your brand awareness and build the relationships that will fill the top of your sales funnel. When you have a steady stream of qualified prospects engaged with your brand, your possibilities are limitless!


Identify Your Business Problems & Needs


Solution for Your Services or Products


Convert Prospects into Paying Customers


Strengthen Brand

When you have a steady stream of qualified prospects engaged with your brand, your possibilities are limitless! Capitalize on the opportunities to:

Good Data is data

Strategy & Insight

When you have a Satisfied Customer are the Best Business Strategy we have got.

Setting Goals for ROI

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time attainable approach to avoid the pitfalls.

Setting Social Performance

We will identify & measure for th each brand, what methods and practices work in a social media campaign to generate quality leads for the business.

Integrated Strategy

We will automate social campaign executions with easy-to-follow via an intuitive interface.

Competitive Intelligent

Foundational and Audience Analysis, Product Positioning, Competition, Sales Projections, Brand Perception.

Perfect Creative Team

Creative Campaigns

Building social campaigns and rich brand experiences that drive consumer engagement on social channels.

Dynamic Storytelling

Content that speaks straight to the human heart makes advertising campaigns more memorable & personalize.

Creative Technologist

Bring amazing ideas and technology together to build your business revenue double in future.

Creative Data Driven

Efficiency meets emotion. Good data will help you inform your business decisions and deliver the right messages to the customers & clients.

When you have steady stream of qualified prospects engaged with your brand

Start a Porject

Good Data is data

Creative Technologist

Bring amazing ideas and technology together to build your business revenue double in future.

Customer Service

People is now turning to social networks for venting, questions and feedback, giving businesses a huge opportunity to be more involved in the customer experience.

Identify Influencers

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, while only 33% trust ads. Engagement is the key to strengthen those relationships to get those results.

Track Hashtags & Keywords

We provide a set of social media monitoring tools that make it easy for you to monitor what’s being said about your brand.

Good Data is Worth Working

Content Development & Production

Highlight the perfect integration between our strategy, process, and our innovation technology, put our work in pursuit of ROI.

Conceptualizing Development

We conceptualize people now to turn into social networks for venting, questions and feedback about product & services.

Content Editing

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 33% trust.

Production Planning

We provides a set of social media monitoring tools that make it easy.


We provides a set of social media monitoring tools that make it easy.

Media Amplification For User

We are using a social amplification to get your brand heard to millions of user. Our purposes is to increase word-of-mouth exposure through employees, customers, industry partners, fans and influencers.

What We Do:

  • Amplify the Best Content
  • Leverage Influencer Marketing
  • Remarketing & Retargeting
  • Niche Communities

Good Data is data

Influencers are powerful in any industry because they are one of the primary resources for your buyers as they’re making purchasing decisions on social channels which are the fastest way to these industry leaders.


Listen to conversations, search, read and build influencers list.


Understand what influencers are saying and note their context.


Conversations only related to the influencers.


Build a relationship to figure out how you can help them.


Conversation with influencer and take both side benefits.


Long-term relation which will lead to long term results.

Essential Data Resources

Measure your brand's social media impact and improveMeasure your brand's social media impact and improve the results.

Data Indicators

Create business goals that can be measured with data indicators

Audience Analysis

One time briefing, continuous updates, clear focus.

Audience Analysis

Evaluate audience size, engagement, and demographics, topics.

Tracking Report

Track social media campaign progress and Identify trends.

Reach and Engagement

Compare data from individual campaign, posts, or pages.


Source for ongoing optimization and decision support.


Double your traffic,  To build your Brand

Fabulous Media will get your organization to increase the brand engagement & build your brand that will reach the top of your sales funnel.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media

We offer the best possible strategies to help you reach your target audience.

Social Media Analysis

Social Media Analysis

The approach of collecting and evaluating data from social media websites and blogs to make business decisions.

Website Traffic Generation

Website Traffic Generation

The sole purpose of creating relevant and valuable content is to attract and retain customers

Social Media Amplification

Social Media Amplification

Amplification occurs when your content is shared within social marketing channels, either through organic or paid engagement, thereby increasing your exposure to word-of-mouth.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

It's the online interaction and content management process across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Social Advertising


Social advertising is the use of advertising to inform or influence the public about a social issue.

Awareness Amplification

Awareness Amplification

Strengthening your brand is critical to generating increased demand in the over-saturated B2B market. Our brand amplification solution is designed to increase recognition, educate prospects and encourage engagement

Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Training in social media is a great way to improve your skills set for digital marketers.

Social Media Execution

Social Media Execution

Once you have developed your marketing strategy for social media, the success of your efforts depends on your performance

Social Selling


Social selling is a way for sales teams to use social media to connect with prospects, and provide them with value. This way of engagement definitely pays off.

Digital Community Building

Digital Community Building

Digital community is a place where members interact with each other on the common topic via the Internet. Thus making a homely feeling.

Crisis Management


The crisis communication plan allows you to respond quickly to any potential issue. Instead of debating how to handle things, or waiting for senior managers to weigh in


Fabulous Media will taking care of your organization building your brand.


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