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The Beginner's Guide to Making Instagram Videos

Instagram is the best friend of a marketer. From in-feed videos to IGTV, Instagram Live, and Stories, marketers who want to extend their content reach on a budget have several options and styles available. Instagram videos have the highest average engagement rate across all device features — 38% higher than photo comments.

If you have no idea how to create awesome Instagram videos, that's the aim of this blog. To ensure that your Instagram videos become a rockstar resource for your company, we will cover the appropriate image specifications, sizes and technology to use.

The most effective marketing tactics for Instagram is to create captivating Instagram videos. Instagram videos can be 3 to 60 seconds long anytime, and can be downloaded from your phone directly, and converted from another channel to your device. This gives you a lot of versatility to use video content to boost your marketing strategy for Instagram.

You can provide realistic, tactical advice in this guide to schedule, film and light your Instagram videos for a better end result and more likes and interaction. We will also go over descriptions of all the various types of Instagram video material that you can seek.

1. Set Goals:

Telling a compelling story within a minute can be difficult, so it's very important to take the time to plan and schedule the film. Tell yourself before you begin what your ultimate goal is to share your video. Try to gain new followers? Get more private with your followers? Push the website traffic? Be descriptive. Your video's sound and look can depend on what you plan to do by uploading it.

2. Tell a story:

If you want your video to attract attention, make a video telling a story. You don't actually have to make a storyboard, but you're preparing the video to make sure you're using it every second. Divide the tale into three acts or sections to help handle your time— beginning, centre, and end — and know how long you want each section to last.

Instagram videos start playing when users scroll their feeds automatically, so begin your video with an eye-catching image. Starting this way with your video would make it stick out and draw people into your plot. Make sure you're incorporating a centre to your narrative as well.

Include a call to action at the end of your video in which you encourage your audience to take some kind of effective initiative to interact with your product or company.

Eventually, it is worth remembering that if the user does not click the video to turn the sound on, Instagram videos can run quietly. Use on-screen captions is therefore useful.

3. Naturally, light the video: 

To make your objects look fantastic on camera, you don't need a fully equipped professional lighting package. You may obey some basic guidelines to improve the quality of your image. Such activities are particularly applicable in "talking head," or clips in portrait format, where a specific person talks directly to the camera in a fixed location.

4. Shoot the video:

Once shooting the video, the first move is to decide with which to take. They consider using a lens from your iPhone or a DSLR camera — as compared to the camera feature in the Instagram app — because your shooting possibilities are constrained by the device from Instagram.

Now that your lens has been chosen, it's time for firing! Here are a few markers to direct you when you start shooting your clips from Instagram. Especially when you shoot from your camera, these tips are helpful.

As you can see, you can use several different types of video content to boost your Instagram page and build a winning strategy for Instagram video advertising. The main points to recall: plan ahead before setting goals for your videos; take time to set the shot; understand the interests and desires of your fans while choosing what kind of content to make.


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