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Digital Marketing Agency 

    Increased Turnovers, Not Just Followers

    We are an "Invite Only" Agency.

75329 71329

 612, Bestech Business Tower, Sector 48, Gurugram

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  +91 0124 4088880

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Google Traffic: How To Be On The Other 9%?

It's no secret that millions of websites per day are increasing on the internet. We find 1.8 million fresh websites every 24 hours while the websites that qualify for incorporation are very picky.

But how much of this material get any search traffic from Google?

By researching 2 million random newly published websites, we kind of answered this question. We discovered that only 5.7% of them ranked within one year of being published in the top 10 Google search outcomes for at least one search query. In other words, Google didn't even get a single visitor from a whopping 94.3% of the websites in our 2 million page survey.

But if you look at the depth and breadth of the entire internet, 2 million websites is a rather small sample size!

Before we discuss why the vast majority of websites never get any search traffic from Google (and how to prevent being one of them), it is essential to tackle two primary discrepancies with the information being studied:

  1. A billion websites may seem like an enormous amount, but it's not the web's most precise depiction.
  2. Our estimates of search traffic are not 100% precise.

That said, in the grand scheme of things, these two "inaccuracies" really do not alter anything — the large bulk of published websites never rank in Google and never get any search traffic.

But why is this, and how can you be part of the minority that receives traffic from Google on organic search?

Well, there are hundreds of SEO problems that might keep your websites away from Google's good ranking.

But if we concentrate only on the most prevalent situations, there are only two of them.

Reason 1: There are no backlinks on the website

We hate to rehearse the same mantra found in nearly every other SEO post, but there's no way around it: backlinks help you rank higher in Google!

And they are one of the "top 3 ranking variables" of Google.

The vast majority of websites do not get any search traffic, AND there are no backlinks for the vast majority of websites. Almost any SEO professional will inform you that penetrating the top 10 search outcomes is almost impossible if the present top pages have a ton of backlinks. Which aligns very much with the above information.

So you need to create high-quality backlinks to your site if you want to rank in Google and get search traffic.

Reason 2: The website does not address a subject with sufficient potential for search traffic

Sometimes there are tons of backlinks on websites, but Google still gets zero traffic.

By checking these (and many other) websites, we found two general trends explaining why these websites,

despite having so many backlinks, do not get traffic:

  • They've gone overboard with "shady connection construction" and have been penalized by Google.
  • They're not targeting the subject individuals are looking for in Google.

If no one searches for anything on your site you're talking about, you're not going to get any search traffic. With news-based articles, you will notice this occurring quite often. They readily get a lot of connections from around the internet, but Google seldom gets long-term traffic.

So one of the fastest and most efficient SEO wins ever is this:

  • Find the websites with the most referential domains on your website
  • See if they target and rank for any useful subjects with high potential for search traffic.

Despite all the discussion, the bottom line for anyone familiar with SEO is painfully easy and evident:

If you want to get traffic from Google, you need to post websites about the stuff individuals are looking for (i.e., do adequate keyword research) and make sure they get connections from other locations (i.e., build some connections).

That's really all you need in the grand system of things to show up search outcomes in Google and get organic traffic to your site.


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