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Digital Marketing Agency 

    Increased Turnovers, Not Just Followers

    We are an "Invite Only" Agency.

75329 71329

 612, Bestech Business Tower, Sector 48, Gurugram

  Mon - Fri 9.00 - 18.30    

  +91 0124 4088880

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5 Tips to make your website go mobile-friendly

Not so long ago, website visitors were forced to manually switch between the classic view and the mobile view if he viewed your website from his phone.

Businesses were just beginning to learn about the online world and consumer expectations of a mobile-friendly website were much lower, just having an online presence is not enough. If someone visits your website from a smartphone and their experience is difficult, your business will lose customers. It's that simple.


Today, nearly 60% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. And the number of mobile users is increasing every day. The future of the Internet lies in smartphones and, unless your site is compatible with mobile devices, you won’t smarter.

5 areas of intervention adapted to mobiles to improve SEO

Once you've started and you're a little in the depths of the SEO grading game, your checklist of daily activities and scans can get too long for the day. But everyone only has 24 hours. The problem is to prioritize your list and perform a cost-benefit analysis of the different elements of your checklist.

1. Design according to your needs

What makes a user (your customer or anyone) stay longer on your mobile website? Think of a store, why do they use mirrors in small stores? This creates an illusion of abundance. The small shop seems magnified because of the multiple reflections of the mirrors. You do not go out of such a shop; you linger because your eyes are related to spells.

This also applies to your website. If your design does not please the eyes, users leave in a second

Before deciding on mobile optimization plans for your website, it is essential to clearly define:

1. Nature of your business.

2. Type of users.

3. Find the types of devices that might visit your site.

It is essential to understand that your website is a visual treat for your potential customers. It must be delicate, informative and smooth. The more comfortable the user is, the more impressed he is. So, do not fill your mobile website with complex models. Keep it simple, but attractive.

2. Fine balancing your page speed

Why do you optimize websites for mobile phones? Of course to improve your business. However, a study by Hubspot found that even one second less on the loading time could reduce your conversions by 7%. So, if your organic traffic does not generate conversions, you ain’t at any good phase.

In trying to balance the loading speed of your website, consider the following:

Define benchmarks to improve loading speed - Calculate the average speed of loading speed using a suitable tool such as Google PageSpeed Insight or Pingdom. Once the average speed is known, set the charging speed to 3 seconds or less.

Choose the Right Web Hosting - This is the most important factor that can improve your loading speed.

Enhance Architecture - Structure your website for seamless user experience and simplify the task of Google's crawlers.

3. Use accelerated mobile pages

Recently, in a study conducted by Volkswagen, El País, in collaboration with creators DDB and Google, showed that AMP-HTML advertising helped to increase conversions.

AMP-HTML ads are an alternative to slow and disruptive ads. AMP ads using AMP-HTML make them light, fast and safe. We can say that Google's long-term campaign for accelerated mobile pages has paid off.

But what is an AMP?

An accelerated mobile page (AMP) is an open-source feature provided by Google to create fast-loading, consistent mobile sites. The three characteristics of MPAs make it a pioneer of mobile optimization:

  1. AMP HTML - HTML tags with modification make it easier to implement certain components.
  2. AMP JS - This is the hand for AMP HTML and allows the fast performance of AMP HTML pages. It also blocks all external resource items that can not be integrated into the website; therefore, no incoming component can prevent the smooth rendering of pages.
  3. AMP Cache - Loads documents, JS files, and images from the same http2 source. The built-in validation system ensures that each page works without dependency on the external source. A validated form of the Validator is present on each page, to give you the effects of complex changes on your web page.

Final words

As the world becomes more comfortable with technology, mobile becomes the automatic choice for people to search for solutions. Thus, mobile optimization is now a very crucial factor to bring online businesses to a higher level.

Smart business strategies must focus on reaching customers. The sooner you meet them, the more they will find you, the more prosperous your business would be. So, improve the mobile experience of your website and see how your business will improve accordingly.


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