• In SEO and SEM, Why Performance Tracking Metrics are Different?

    In Digital Marketing, SEO and SEM are close with each other but both are different games. They require another approach for analysis and tracking. SEO and SMO target has many types of traffic such as SEO attracts organic and SEM attracts paid result. You should track SEO metrics All Website and business are different, with

    January 3, 2019
  • How to Quickly Boost Domain Authority of Your Site

    Domain Authority (DA) is a metric that indicates the authority of your site, the score is between 0 to 100, the greater are its chances to high ranking in SERP. If you want to track your site’s domain authority then you can check from Moz extension or Open Site Explorer. “The Goal of Digital Marketer

    December 27, 2018
  • Google launches a new ‘Shopping Homepage’ for Indian users

    In a bid to help the growing online population in India shopping online, Google has released It’s bringing Google brand shopping to India from now. This Google shopping is designed to help customers search the correct product and retailers that are selling this.  The websites list deals from e-commerce retailers like Amazon, Club Factory, Flipkart,

    December 20, 2018
  • How to Get New Leads Conversion with Social Media

    Before talking about leads generation on social media sites we talk about leads.Lead is the process of converting strangers or customer into someone who has an interest in your services and products. We can send leads directly to our sales department. Many sales head consider realizing services and products yourself on the map is enough.

    December 20, 2018
  • Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends to watch out in 2019

    6 DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS TO WATCH OUT IN 2019 Digital marketing is the most dynamic world with new trends emerging every year. Interested in getting the max out of Digital Marketing, explore the latest Digital marketing trends for 2019 which will keep you ahead of rest of the world. 1. Chatbots – In 2019, Chatbot

    December 15, 2018