How to Quickly Boost Domain Authority of Your Site

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric that indicates the authority of your site, the score is between 0 to 100, the greater are its chances to high ranking in SERP. If you want to track your site’s domain authority then you can check from Moz extension or Open Site Explorer.

“The Goal of Digital Marketer is to get its website on Page #1 and Position #1 on SERPs.”

The high domain authority score is, you will get high traffic and ranking. High domain authority backlinks will impact your website’s Domain Authority score. Getting high DA score of your site is not easy. If you want to avoid low score then update unique content.

Focus On Internal Links

One of the main factor affecting site’s domain authority is backlinks. Don’t ignore this factor, it will be a big mistake. If you write a new blog or article then you can interlink to your old article or blog post. It helps Google to crawl and index your site.

You can reduce bounce rate using internal linking because the audience will stay on your site for long time and get useful details.

Remove Broken And Bad Links

Firstly, you should go through your link profile and check for backlinks that are toxic or bad then it will allow removing links from bad sources that can end up issue your DA instead of helping it, the Broken link will negative issue as well.

Maintain Website Structure

Use user-friendly, clean and easy to understand website structure is the important thing that can do to improve the user experience. As you know already, user experience is really something you should care about this.

Improve Publishing Frequency

If your blog post has updated then you will have to improve publishing frequency. I know it is not possible to post on a regular basis. But if you can do then you can improve the Domain Authority easily. Domain Authority can increase if you do the regular posting. Some other regular posting benefits are-

  • You will develop writing skills
  • Higher page, traffic and revenue
  • Improves sales and conversions

If you follow all of these points, then your website’s DA score will increase.

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