Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends to watch out in 2019


Digital marketing is the most dynamic world with new trends emerging every year. Interested in getting the max out of Digital Marketing, explore the latest Digital marketing trends for 2019 which will keep you ahead of rest of the world.

1. Chatbots –

In 2019, Chatbot will be the most important part of  digital marketing. Around 80% of consumer interaction is predicted by chatbots. Uber app uses this chatbot technology to interact with the consumer to make it easy on facebook messenger from Google maps.

2. A live streaming video will grow 

Live streaming is a relatively new trend in 2019, Everyone uses live video services on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and other social platforms are encouraging the use of Live Streaming.

Extra Reach & social presence is being offered for handles using live streaming.

3. Voice search Optimizations –

Fun Fact, 3.5 billion users use voice searches on Google every day with searches personal device like Siri, Alexa and google assistant that are smart speakers.

Optimizations for Voice searches will give an edge to your SEO results.

4. Mobile is everything

This is not a trend in 2019, it is a necessity. If you are not focusing on mobile you are never going to succeed in digital marketing. There are 1.2 Billion users on mobile

Mobile First Design approach improves user experience, conversion rate and hence business returns.

Take it seriously or leave Digital

5. Interacting with Virtual Realities 

Augmented reality is a combination of real, imaginary and mixed reality and the virtual reality allows to enter virtual worlds.

Recently Facebook is working on testing augmented reality ads in the News Feed. These ads look like normal ads but on tapping them they provide a virtual experience. Just imagine the conversion rate of such ads.

6. Video Marketing 

Video has been an integrated part of digital marketing.

The importance of video marketing can be understood by the following facts

  • According to viewer, watching service and product video makes confident to purchase online. A better conversion rate is observed.
  • 40% call vendor after watching a video

In 2019, we will be taking everything. This coming year will be good user experience with AI power technology, so increase conversions in 2019, you will need to get good at video content, conversational content to share with your targeted users.

Follow these trends religious and you are going to rock the digital world in 2019

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